Some days you think you have made a massive mistake.

The guy that lives in the flat above ours got a letter today from the managing agents about his dog doing its business on the grass around the flats and not picking it up. He wanted the whole world to know how unhappy he was with the whole thing.

“Don’t touch my f**king door, don’t come near my f**king door again, I’ll break you f**king legs and smash you f**king head in. I go to work to pay my rent so that my dog can crap where it likes and someone else is paid to pick it up, you f**king tw*t.”

This went on for about 20 minutes. Not one that likes violence and seen plenty of it in the domestic situation, was shaking by the end of this. Next was the furniture in the flat, that sounded like it was being thrown from one end of the room to the other.

The guy came out a few minutes later, with dog and lit his joint – smoking it outside in front of everyone. (Drugs – that’s up to you but don’t force the consequences onto everyone else.) Dog duly crapped 20 yards from our window and had a pee. The half dressed guy walked off with the guy (pants around his arse) like the little gangster he thinks he is.

A few more minutes later his mate appears outside sat down by the car park, rolling a joint too. I’m amazed, this isn’t Glastonbury. The weed is obviously having an effect on there mental stability.

The first guy returns, without his dog. The clueless wonders ask each other where the dog is, the dog returns a few minutes later. They both sit and smoke for a few minutes.

An old lady returns with her own dog, and makes a passing glance at them and says something about smoking pot. Big mistake, a torrent of abuse flies. Amazingly she walks in and they don’t do anything….perhaps they are all mouth and no trousers. Well the trousers are falling off.
As people walking into the building I walk out my front door and pretend to bump into them, introduce myself and we start talking about these guys. Everyone is really nice and can’t believe what is happening. As it happens the chairman of the residents committee turns up and I tell him what has been going on. Apparently the flat is rented out to a woman and her little girl. This guy has just turned up in the last couple of weeks. Just my luck.

Well this is good news in that as they are renting they can be removed – depending on the owners cooperation, but he is well known in the area and owns an Italian restaurant.

I know this won’t go on forever but a few days of this already and it is making me feel stressed and depressed.