Bed2 after 2 Bed2 before 1 Well bedroom 2 is done now, still needs cleaning up, getting those last little bits off – the first wall was too easy, although it was a good training ground as I haven’t done this before or read about it, the paper just fell off.

On the other walls I ended up ripping the covering off as it was a washable paper, so pretty much waterproof.  Even with a paper scatcher to make lots of holes over the paper, the steam from the wallpaper remover wasn’t making inroads.

I had to move the storage heater out of the way to get behind it – it’s going anyway, once the central heating gets put in – those things are heavy.

We have also pulled back the carpet in the hall and front-room to find parquet flooring.  Nothing expensive, it’s finger mosaic but still nice – so that is getting a rub down, an oiling and buffing.