Call me cynical but the latest episode on the “war on terror” is well cynical. I’m only judging this on what has happened recently.

The attacks on Lebanon came at a time when the situation in Iraq is at an all time low. US Servicemen commit terrible crimes against children, civilian war dead continues to rise, and many are expecting civil war, if we aren’t there already.

Lebanon served as a great way to get this off the front pages. However, that backfired too. Support has been swinging towards the Lebanese who are seeing their country taken back 20 years to a pile of rubble. But Israel continues to plough into the southern towns.

So what can we make of what is happening in London and across the UK today? Well everyone knows about it, it is approaching one of the busiest weekends at UK airports (Bank holiday) and it has got up peoples nose. “Those damn terrorists.” or are people thinking, “What are the police trying to do now, they haven’t go a clue, you’re messing my holiday up.”

What if this turns out to be another false alarm, such as the house raids in east London?

Can the “intelligence” services cope with another cock-up? On one hand you hope this is a mistake, on the other, if it is a mistake then they have lost all integrity and trust from the public. It will seem like just another smoke screen for a failed foreign policy.