“Hello, I have some bad news for you.” said my solicitor this morning.

The vendors solicitor has gone on holiday without leaving any notes for his locum – we were supposed to exchange and complete today. Fan-bloody-tastic.

On top of this the vendor still hasn’t cleared the furniture from the flat so we will have to wait until 18th to complete now, while he get’s his arse into gear.

This is a pain as this only gives us just over a month to do the work we planned.  So we lose a week prep time, calling gas company to quote and install central heating and schedule the other jobs with our builders – who have their own plans of course.
I’m trying to stay calm as I know that there is nothing I can do about it – I just don’t want to live in a building site, especially with Phoebe running around, she gets into everything.

Later, I called our building society to get a credit card – my first ever. They wanted to confirm my address, which I did.. “Sorry, that’s not the address I have here sir.” After going through every address I have lived at for the last 9 years I found that they had the address of the flat I’m going to move into, as that was taken from my mortgage application. Would you Adam and believe it?

“I can’t proceed with your request as you will have to change your details by going to the branch.” the assistant said. Like hell, “Escalate this now.”

One hour later normal service is resumed.  Apparently the assistant had been looking at the wrong information on the screen. Call centres are just great!