12th August is the 9th Annual Korean Festival in Kingston.

Korean dancers

Korean dancers from 2005
If we didn’t know so many Koreans in Sutton we probably would never have known about this one. It’s a nice little do, with loads of food stalls selling traditional Korean dishes.

Korean BBQ

It smells great! Unless you are veggie – opps
The festival takes place in a park, with the edges made up of food stalls and you can have a picnic in the middle. There is load of space for kids and it’s certainly not as crazy as Chinese new year. There are dancers and demos of traditional arts through-out the day.Why here? Well there are 35,000+ Koreans that live in and around Kingston.

If you want to try the food at home, there are loads of Korean shops and several supermarkets in and around New Malden. People there are nice and always willing to help. You can also get the meat for your bbq pre-marinaded, so you just slap it on the bbq when you get home.

Bulgogi is one of my favs and the non-spicy food lovers will like this – it’s a great place to start enjoying Korean food.
Lovely lunch!!!

Amy’s 1st birthday party

In February the daughter of a Korean friend of ours had their 1st birthday party, she is 3 days older (or younger, I forget) than Phoebe. They had the party at their family restaurant and I have never seen food like it. There are more photos on my flickr.

Now I’m just making myself hungry. Good night.