The money has been transfered and the contract signed and sent back. Not long now until I think we will exchange and have our own flat.

Being first time buyers my wife and I have almost no idea what is going on. Most of the time it seems to be endless repetition and endless cost. Searches for this, that and the other, fees for everyone, and no assurances that this will happen after we have spent so much time and money.

I know people have a lot of thoughts on the proposed Home Information Packs but from my point of view they would seem like a good idea. The arguments against them seem to be mainly from groups with an interest in keeping an arcane system that costs many millions of wasted expense on surveys for property that isn’t suitable. Surely a HIP would mean that it is a level playing field and ensure buyers time isn’t wasted.

A survey always needs to be done, so just have one and be done with it. The searches are a waste of time 99.9% of the time and reveal little that I can see. The only useful bit is to do with planning permission and again that should in this day and age, be something that can be updated on a daily basis through a website.

HIPs would also shorten the sale time too. Having all of the work done up front would mean simply arranging a mortgage and signing contracts.

Oh well, it’s not going to happen now, heaven knows what will happen to all those poor blighters that were going to be employed running the process.