Yes, I’m buying a flat and the vendor has just screwed me.

He agreed to leave all the white goods behind (as we have none, we rent) so it was helpful that these would be included.  Now they said, as it has taken so long for the sale to go through that they want £1000 for them (very old) as the price of the flat has gone up!

Excuse me, but didn’t they agree on a price?  Yes and I have a memo of sale (worthless bit of paper) that says they would include the white goods. I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last. My anger has now subsided a little.

I’m not angry because of losing the white goods but because so few people keep to their word. As the priest said at my nans funeral, loyalty is something that can be traded now, and I never thought I would agree with a priest. I might write more about what he said some another time.. I digress.

The prices in our area haven’t gone up at all, they have stayed level at best.  There are flats near us, 3 in one block, empty because people are not willing to pay £200k for a 2 bed flat.  We are buying in a small block 2 bed flat for £152k which although it isn’t Buck Palace (it needs some work) is certainly fine for a young (that will be my wife and child) family and has larger rooms than the new ones that are being built further out of town, plus we have a garage and extra storage room.  Hey, things aren’t that bad.

At least the sun is shining, I feel ok and I have a beautiful wife and child.