Blogging is now probably a hotter in the media than “I’m a celebrity big brother on a horse, with dance fever, love island.” Not hard actually, the reality tv shows have certainly lost their sheen this year. Indeed, blogging is probably the new reality show if this weeks news is anything to go by.
Two stories which have been done to death this week are the PA “dooced” in Paris and a lesser one, Copper blogs.

The general feeling is that the PA in question was unlucky and the firm she worked for have brought more bad pr upon themselves than anything that was being blogged about.

A copper blogging however has probably got less support, mostly from people I think that don’t blog – as I’m talking about tv, radio, press coverage. “Why are you wasting time blogging, get out on the beat!” said one contributor to PM on Radio 4 today. Ahhh…bless. The BBC article says that the copper in question is the first to start an “online weblog,” well it wouldn’t be much cop if it was offline.
BTW, it is quite funny that the spell checker on wordpress fails to recognise blog, blogged or blogging as correct words.