Tuesday 18th July, my last grandmother died. She was 93.


Thankfully for her, she lived at home until the end and one of her children was able to be with her when she passed away. Two of her last wishes. I’m glad she wasn’t alone.

It’s a very sad day. Although 93 sounds old she was a very active person and one of the funniest people I knew, quite easily able to give an ad-hoc quip to any remark – you couldn’t pull the wool over her eyes. She was generous and once tried to give me money when I went to see her in hospital last year. I gave it back to my aunt. You can try to say no to a catholic nan, but it won’t get you far.

I will miss our chats on the phone as we put the world to rights and I asked her about her childhood and tried to discover how she saw the world. I’ll also miss her playing with my daughter and wish she could see her grow up a little more.