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This is how cyclists get hit by HGVs

All week we have been hearing about how cyclists should wear a helmet, hi-viz, lights, not go through red lights. Then, today I see this video on Twitter. Quite amazing that the lorry driver passes too close to one cyclist at a pinch point and then turns left across another, only to come to a … Continue reading

Can we have safer roads for people?

Can we have safer roads for people?

Cyclists are organising a die-in at TfL HQ later this month in protest over a month of tragedies.  It must be hard for you to have missed that in the last two weeks, 6 cyclists have been killed in London. Even friends and family that don’t often talk about cycling as much as I do have … Continue reading

Olympic cycling death: This has to stop

Only hours after Bradley Wiggins won an Olympic gold in the cycling time trial and 28 year old man was hit by an Olympic media bus and killed (BBC). The fact that this is about the 61st death on our roads of a cyclist this year is almost secondary. Indeed another cyclist killed in another … Continue reading